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A prosecutor’s appeal against the sentence imposed by the Court for N. Bilevičius will be heard in Šiauliai

A prosecutor’s appeal against the sentence imposed by the Court for N. Bilevičius who is accused of murder of 17 year-old Lisa Holm will be heard in Šiauliai District Court.

06.06.2017 News of the Judicial System

Judicial Council declared the official opinion regarding judicial reforms in Poland

On 19th of May, 2017 the official opinion of the Judicial Council of Lithuania regarding the judicial reforms in Poland was declared.

19.05.2017 News of the Judicial System

What are the ways to reduce domestic violence in Lithuania?

What should we expect from the latest amendments to the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence which have more specifically defined violence against children and prohibited physical punishment? What experience has been accumulated over more than five years of application of this law in practice?

03.03.2017 News of the Judicial System

The quality of justice depends not only on the court

At an international conference “Influence of international and inter-institutional cooperation on the efficiency of court proceedings” held last week, the representatives of Lithuanian courts, the Bar Association, the Prosecutor’s Office and foreign courts discussed the issues of the efficiency of court proceedings.

22.12.2016 News of the Judicial System

European Day of Justice – Legal Consultations in Courts of Lithuania

Every day 1500 cases are examined in courts. Considerable part of them (more than 200000 cases per annum) forms small disputes, usually related to the loan repayment, sale and purchase agreement obligations, divorce, issues of child maintenance and etc. In order to remind people about alternative dispute resolution methods for the first time in Lithuania during the European Day of Justice the whole day on 25th October Lithuanian courts will answer casual legal questions of persons and tell more about their activities.

21.10.2016 News of the Judicial System

Courts have triumphed in the Annual Communication Event “PaRa Impact Awards 2016”

The communication representatives of the National Courts Administration raised their hands in triumph even twice during the largest annual communication even in Lithuania “PaRa Impact Awards 2016” that was held on Friday: the staged court’s hearing organized in the entire Lithuania “Journalist in the Chair of the Judge” was recognized as the event of the year, while “Volunteers in Courts” won the name of the project of social responsibility of the year.

25.05.2016 News of the Judicial System