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European Day of Justice – Legal Consultations in Courts of Lithuania

Every day 1500 cases are examined in courts. Considerable part of them (more than 200000 cases per annum) forms small disputes, usually related to the loan repayment, sale and purchase agreement obligations, divorce, issues of child maintenance and etc. In order to remind people about alternative dispute resolution methods for the first time in Lithuania during the European Day of Justice the whole day on 25th October Lithuanian courts will answer casual legal questions of persons and tell more about their activities.

21.10.2016 News of the Judicial System

Courts have triumphed in the Annual Communication Event “PaRa Impact Awards 2016”

The communication representatives of the National Courts Administration raised their hands in triumph even twice during the largest annual communication even in Lithuania “PaRa Impact Awards 2016” that was held on Friday: the staged court’s hearing organized in the entire Lithuania “Journalist in the Chair of the Judge” was recognized as the event of the year, while “Volunteers in Courts” won the name of the project of social responsibility of the year.

25.05.2016 News of the Judicial System

Volunteers in court: help when it is the most needed

Soon more than 60 volunteers will be ready to help the witnesses and the aggrieved persons in seven major Lithuanian courts. On the 28th of April the persons, who have passed the selection, and who want to help the visitors of the courts, will gather to the international conference of volunteering in courts together with the volunteers from other counties. Later they will take part in training and in May they will already offer the hand to witnesses.

25.05.2016 News of the Judicial System

Special boxes in courtrooms

In order to ensure safety of the process’ participants, the boxes were arranged in two courtrooms of Siauliai District Court today. Their partitions are made from stroke-resistant glass.

10.05.2016 News of the Judicial System

When the servicing quality in courts is improved, the attention to the court’s visitors remain the most important

The second stage of the evaluation researches of persons’ servicing quality shows high servicing quality in the Lithuanian courts and in the National Courts Administration (NCA) when the institutions are addressed by e-mail, phone or directly.

02.05.2016 News of the Judicial System

National Courts Administration presents the works of the year: we attempt to create conditions for qualitative administration of justice

“Similarly to the last several years, the year 2015 was full of challenges, new initiatives and attempt to ensure better services to the persons addressing the courts, as well as better work conditions of the courts,” – says the director of National Courts Administration (NCA), Mrs. Reda Moliene when she presented the report on activity in 2015, where the main works performed by the institution in 2015, the achieved results and the goals set for the year 2016, were reviewed.

29.02.2016 News of the Judicial System