News of the Judicial System

Volunteers in court: help when it is the most needed


Soon more than 60 volunteers will be ready to help the witnesses and the aggrieved persons in seven major Lithuanian courts. On the 28th...

Special boxes in courtrooms


In order to ensure safety of the process’ participants, the boxes were arranged in two courtrooms of Siauliai District Court today. Their...

When the servicing quality in courts is improved, the attention to the court’s visitors remain the most important


The second stage of the evaluation researches of persons’ servicing quality shows high servicing quality in the Lithuanian courts and in...

National Courts Administration presents the works of the year: we attempt to create conditions for qualitative administration of justice


“Similarly to the last several years, the year 2015 was full of challenges, new initiatives and attempt to ensure better services to the...

Norwegian support will bring changes in the Lithuanian judicial system


As the National Courts Administration is implementing the programme of the Norwegian financial mechanism, 11 representatives of the...

International conference on the trust in courts on the Day of Courts Establishment


“The first Minister of Justice of the Independent Lithuania, Professor Petras Leonas passed the order 97 years ago to call the 15th of...

The event devoted to European Day of Justice in Lithuania


Celebrating the European Day of Justice the competition of children paintings „Court protects humans“ was organized.

Courts attempt to improve the quality of judgments


The just, motivated and clear judgment – that is the objective set by the Lithuanian courts when they are inviting to the international...

Non-governmental organizations and courts unite: they will provide help to witnesses and victims of crimes


On Thursday the international conference is organized in Vilnius, during which the representatives of non-governmental organizations and...

Confrontation with the offenders will be prevented in courts


The Lithuanian courts have been implanting means for two years already, which help the participants of the cases feel safer and...