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Co-funded by the National or transnational e-Justice projects JUSTICE PROGRAMME (2014-2020) of the European Union

The National Courts Administration cooperates with the Court Administration Republic of Latvia

In March 2016 Court Administration Republic of Latvia launched the project according to which Latvia will implement European Case Law Identifier or ECLI.

Project title: 

ECLI development (grant agreement number JUST/2014/JACC/AG/E-JU/6975)

Leading financier: 

European Commission

Institution leading the project: 

Court Administration Republic of Latvia

Project implementation: 01.03.2016.-30.09.2017.

Associated partners (without co-financing):

  • The National Courts Administration, Lithuania
  • Ministry of Justice, Italy
  • Documentary Centre for the Judiciary, Spanish General Council, Spain

Project summary (justification):

The project's overall objective is to implement the European Case Law Identifier or ECLI to facilitate the correct and straightforward presentation of references with regard to judicial decisions. ECLI will provide easy access to both the Latvian and other EU member states judicial decisions that improve judges' expertise to EU law resorting and implementation, as well as ensuring uniform access to the database of court decisions already at the hearing.

Project goal:

- promote a common judicial practice by applying and interpreting European legislation;
- promoting correct and clear judgment quoting from the European and national courts by implementing of ECLI in Latvia;

- improve the adjudication procedure and make more effective judicial decision-making procedure.

Within the project experience exchange visit is planned to the National Courts Administration in November, 2016.