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Exposition of courtrooms


You are invited to the exposition of court history in the National Court Administration

This exposition presents  a unique court room of the inter-war period and over 200 exhibits from various historical periods.

Weapons, passports, books of historical value, items of judicial clothing, actual items of material evidence, cases stitched by hand, actual oaths – all this is forgotten and unexpectedly discovered  witness, of the history of Lithuanian courts and our guide will tell everything  about them. The narrative will be thick with suspense and introduce visitors to the history of Lithuanian courts which goes as far as the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania up to our days. 

The court museum not only helps to get in touch with the forgotten court history but also to use modern technologies and  visit a virtual court room (more about the virtual court room see here).

This exposition room can also be used for classes, lecture, workshops if arranged in advance.

The guide service in this court exposition which is regularly updated is free of charge.                     

The visitors can register by email or phone +370 268 5186 and they are welcome to stop by on working hours at: L. Sapiegos st. 15, Vilnius!

The exposition was first opened on 31 October 2014.

The initiator of the exposition and Court museum in Šiauliai is the former judge of Regional Court of Šiauliai Alfredas Vilbikas.