Norway Grants

 Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Programme LT13 „Efficiency, Quality and Transparency in Lithuanian Courts“

Agreement for the implementation of the Programme LT13 „Efficiency, Quality and Transparency in Lithuanian Courts“ (hereinafter referred to as the Programme), financed under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Programme implementation agreement), has been signed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, PI Central Project Management Agency and the National Courts Administration on 26 April 2013.

The overall objective of the Programme – a fairer and more efficient judicial system.

Programme Operator – National Courts Administration (Lithuania)
Donor Programme Partner – Norwegian Courts Administration (Norway)

Three pre-defined projects are implemented within the Programme:
1) Modernization of the courts' information system (system for case-handling and audio recording of court hearings)
2) Improved support to witnesses and crime victims during the court procedure including strengthening of security in court buildings
3) Strengthening the competence of representatives of judicial system (including judges, court staff and representatives of NCA) (training)

While implementing the pre-defined projects, Project promoters will be able to apply for extra grants from the Bilateral Fund at Programme level for strengthening bilateral relations between Lithuania and Norway.

Period for the implementation of pre-defined projects: IV quarter of 2013 – II quarter of 2017.


Final project reports for the following projects: “Strengthening the Competence of Representatives of Judicial System (Including Judges, Court Staff and Representatives of NCA) (training)”, “Improved Support to Witnesses and Crime Victims During the Court Procedure Including Strengthening of Security in Court Buildings”, “Modernization of the Courts' Information System (System for Case-Handling and Audio Recording of Court Hearings)” were approved in June, 2017 (projects were successfully implemented and all planned indicators reached).

Contact for more information:
RamunÄ— MajauskaitÄ— (Programme manager) – tel. +370 210 5397, email ramune.majauskaite@teismai.lt 

More information: http://www.eeagrants.lt/en/home