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News of the Judicial System

The start of operation of the Lithuanian court e-services portal „“

The start of operation of the Lithuanian court e-services portal „“

From the 1st of July starts the operation of the Lithuanian court e-services portal „“, where citizens and companies are able to deliver and receive documents of the civil, administrative and administrative offences cases, listen to the records of the court hearings, pay the stamp-duties and fines without leaving their residences.

According to the Chairman of the Judicial Council and the Supreme Court of Lithuania Mr. Gintaras Kryževičius this portal is a very important step towards the transfer of more and more cases to an electronic space and also an excellent mean of hearing cases more qualitatively and expeditiously.

From the 1st of July there is a possibility to connect the e-court system via the internet bank  system, using the Personal Identity Cards with the e-signature or after obtaining the direct connection data from the court.  

Citizens and companies are able to deliver personally applications to the court, lodge complaints, explanations according to the prepared standard forms which are more than 90 in the system. It is  enough to scan the appendixes of the documents instead of sending them to the court via post.   

Persons, who will choose to use the electronic case hearing, will save the expences of preparation of the documents, printing, posting or traveling to the court, but also will pay 1/4 less of the stamp-duty.

Until now the familiarization with the case material, records of the court hearings, receiving the copies of the documents was only available at the court. From now on the parties to a case will also see the electronic documents, observe the court proceedings – from the submission of the documents to the court till the court decision. 
The users of the portal are able to receive the information about the events in the case via e-mails and sms messages.

The advocate, the docent of the Vilnius University Faculty of Law Mr. Rimantas Simaitis is convinced that the sistem will provide the possibility for all the parties to the proceedings to get acquainted with the case material quicker and more conveniently, save time and expences intended for stamp-duties, traveling to the court and the preparation of the documents and posting them. Mr. R. Simaitis states: „The usefullness of this system to a concrete person depends on his/her intelligence and deepening in a case, where he/she is participating. I am convinced that this portal will save much time and endeavous of the lawyers, which they will be able to allocate to the essence of the case“. 

Similar portals of courts operate in many of the EU countries. The Lithuanian court e-services portal was created for one year. The Project was implemented by the National Courts Administration with the help of the EU structural funds.