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About Commission

The Permanent Commission for the Assessment of Activities of Judges (hereinafter – the Commission) is the commission formed under the regulations of the Law on Courts stated in Article 913 Part 4.

The Composition of the Commission

The Assessment Commission shall be formed for the term of office of the Judicial Council from seven members: three of them must be not judges. Four members of the Commission shall be elected from the judges by the Judicial Council, three members shall be appointed by the President of the Republic. The Chairman of the Commission from the appointed members shall be elected by the Judicial Council. The activities of the Assessment Commission shall be serviced by the National Courts Administration.

Goals of assessing the activities of judges – analyse the capacities of judges to use in practice theoretical knowledge and skills, to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the activities of judges and use the negative results for the preparation of judicial training and qualification courses as well as promote the improvement of the judge’s qualification. The goal of assessing the activities of chairmen, vice chairmen and chairmen of divisions shall be to determine their management, organisational and administrative skills.

Assessment of the activities of judges – procedure performed by the beforehand and clearly established criteria for obtaining information about the quality and efficiency of judicial activities that helps to determine the weaknesses of the professional, organisational and administrative activities of judges, which necessitate judges to improve their qualification and professional level.

The procedure for assessment of the activities of judges shall comply with the principle of legal certainty and efficiency, legitimate expectations and other principles specified in the Law on Courts, provide conditions for all-round and objective assessment of the judges’ professional activities.

Legal acts:

The Rules of the Permanent Commission for the Assessment of Activities of Judges
The Description of the Assessment of Activities of Judges